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A Message from some of our recipients...


JPET Leeton & Narrandera

Dear Val,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your organisation for the assistance that was given to JPET at Christmas in the form of gifts and support. As you are aware, I am the JPET Co-ordinator for Leeton and Narrandera and was privileged to be able to participate in your program in the form of selection and handing out of the gifts and see the encouragment and visible support that your organisation provides.

Just prior to Christmas, I took and Officer from my office and we distributed the gifts to many deserving JPET clients. All of these people are aged between 15 and 21 and are in a situation that can be considered as at risk. Many of the JPET clients are living alone or under circumstances that would normally be considered as less than ideal. In many situations these people would receive little to no Christmas cheer and to have the opportunity to bring that kind of cheer into their lives was a privilege that I still have the benefit of.

The JPET clients that received the gifts were unaware that they would be given a present. It was a privilege to see the look of enjoyment on their faces and in many cases to see the relief that people such as you and your supporters really do care. When your organisation was promoted to them and the support explained, the encouragement that this has given to them has helped many to continue in their endeavours either at school, at home or in looking for work.

The gifts ranged from a food processor to personal items to books and games to food hampers. All of the gifts went to people that needed the items at that time in their lives. We were able to provide your encouragement to clients in both Leeton and Narrandera.

In all cases the people that received the gifts asked to have their heartfelt thanks relayed to you. Some of the clients are living in a home but not with their parents and for them the support in the form of food hampers meant that they were able to contribute to their Christmas. For others, unfortunately, it was the only present they received. In some cases, the gift will allow them to help their family support, as they may be single parents of small children.

Once again Val, I would like to thank you and your organisation for the support and assistance that you have given the youth of the Leeton and Narrandera areas. Without your support and the support from other organisations, as well as the public for their kind donations, the youth of this area would be having a more difficult time progressing through this complex period in their lives.

Your sincerely, Michael Wright, JPET Co-ordinator, Leeton and Narrandera.


Dear Val,

I am writing to thank you so sincerely on behalf of the Personal Support Programme participants who received gifts and hampers over the Christmas period.


Your generosity has made an enormous difference in the lives of those most in need. Christmas can be a difficult and lonely time for a lot of people. A number of the clients involved in PSP have no famioy support, are vulnerable and lonely. the gifts they received through your generosity meant so much to them, and were very much appreciated. For most of the clients who received a figt, it was the only gift they received at Christmas and for many it was the first in many years. The food hampers were also extremely welcomed and appreciated - giving meaning to Christmas.


One young chap who was given a pair of boots (just so happened to be the perfect size!) cried and sobbed as he hugged me and showed me the holes in his shoes that he had been wearing for a very long time. He will never forget that Christmas, nor will I.


On behalf of Centacare, Personal Support Program Clients and myself, I sincerely thank you.


Sincerely, Vicki Wigg, PSP Case Worker, Centacare.


JPET - Griffith & Surrounding Areas

To Suicide Awareness, Griffith,
I would like to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to the Suicide Awareness group in Griffith for their wonderful generosity of Christmas Hampers and Christmas presents to be given to the young homeless youth involved in the JPET program. This year Suicide Awareness provided Christmas hampers not only to Griffith JPET clients but also JPET clients in the area of Leeton and Naranderra. I was very honoured and privileged once again to be included in their Christmas list and that the Suicide Awareness group felt JPET was a worthy organisation to continue contributing such wonderful donations to highly disadvantaged young people in our community.

For all the people involved in Suicide Awareness group who do not know about JPET it is a program for young youth between the ages of 15 to 21 who are homeless, at risk of being homeless, and the highly disadvantaged youth in our community. The program is designed to help get young youth back on track and this is done by stabilising their accommodation, helping with education through either School or TAFE, and help in finiding employment in doing this is helping youth maintain and sustain independent living in in our community. Many of the youth on the program do not have any family support and at times making them feel very isolated form everyone.

Without the wonderful donations from the Suicide Awareness group some of my JPET clients would not have had a decent Christmas meal let alone a Christmas present to open on Christmas day with many of my clients spending Christmas day alone. I thought I would let you know that the clients who received presents and hampers that they were extremely grateful and surprised to receive these wonderful gifts and I was asked to pass on their many thanks to the Suicide Awareness group for their wonderful gifts.

Once again many thanks to the Suicide Awareness group for your support and generosity through out the past year. I would also like to thank everyone involved in the Suicide Awareness group for their organisation of the Christmas hampers and all the gifts. The Suicide Awareness group is a wonderful hard working non profit organisation that helps so many families and other organisations like mine in the community every year.

Yours sincerely, Lisa Caldow, JPET Youth Worker, Griffith and Surrounding Areas, Griffith Skills Training Centre.


Riverina Community College Inc.

Dear Val,

Please extend my sincerest thanks to your group for their generosity and kindness in donating Christmas treats for some of my clients.


As you know I act as a Personal Support Case Manager for long term unemployed and many of my clients have quiet severe mental health issues and the majority suffer from depression associated with their many barriers.


The delight that your generosity brought was amazing, especially for the young man who received the mobile phone so kindly donated. This has allowed him to further his job seeking efforts as well as providing a link to the outside world where he can get support when he needs it.


I am very impressed with the work of your group supporting those in need and once again thank you sincerely for your kindness towards my clients at what can be a very bleak time of the year.


Yours faithfully, Megan Millemaggi
Personal Support Case Manager
Riverina Community College
51 Yambil St Griffith NSW 2680


Suicide Awareness .com Inc

PO Box 8039, Griffith
NSW 2680, Australia