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Artists from around the world have joined together with inspiring quotes.Helping those who are suffering Depression or a mental Illness to pick up the phone or talk to someone and ask for help.
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*Our music is, and will always be about "real people and places". Suicide is unfortunately a very real thing also and we encourage anyone with problems to seek help. Regardless of how hopeless things may seem, talking things through the vital ingredient to turning things around.*
Rob & Garry The Bobkatz

“It’s good to have a group like Suicide Awareness
to turn to in times of need. I fully support the organization and would advise anyone with a problem to
get in touch with them”
Daniel O’Donnell

"Delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart" Christopher Elliott

It is not going to help things by hiding, things always get better. We are sure that a lot of people do not think that when they reach the brink, but if you are not around, they can not get better.

Hang on in there and speak to the people at Suicide Awareness, their website is right in front of you. Let them speak to you, and help you. Keep listening to music - we are not saying that it will change the world for you, but it may give you a time away from your troubles. Sometimes when you are not thinking about them, a lot of them disappear.

Touring Australia This June 2008 "Battlefield"

I have had loved ones in my life who have suffered depression and mental illness. I too have dealt with depression myself. All I can say that life is a precious gift and to make the most out of it is the biggest gift you can give to yourself. No matter how dark it is or how hard the climb, many love you and want to help you.

Don't be afraid to ask - You'll never be alone.

Rose Carleo

If you think that life isn't worth living you're not alone.
A lot of us have felt the same at various times in the past.
We know it's hard but think to yourself
"There is going to be another perfect day"
All the best K. PP The Skels

“I know sometimes life can be a hard road. Disappointment, despair and depression can begin to overtake our days. I’ve been there too, being diagnosed with cancer some years ago, out of work, but now thankfully recovered – with the help of some kind and very skilled medicos.
And when I get despondent, I’m always reminded of our band tours in Brazil, where we saw people sick and living on the street with no job, no family, no medical help and never knowing where their next meal would come from. It made me realise how lucky we are to live in this country, where there are good people and services to turn to for help when we’re in trouble.
I would urge anyone who reads this, who finds themselves in that downward spiral when all hope seems lost, to think about what you have: life, the air that you breathe, the trees and the birds, the ocean, all the good simple things that exist in our universe.
Don’t think about what you don’t have, it’s a waste of time. Get help if you need it, because it’s there for the asking. In the words of an unknown wit: “Life’s pretty good, considering the alternative.”
Best Wishes, Chris Bailey Bassist, GANGgajang

"Depression is a hard road to travel but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if sometimes you can't see it. Life is way too precious to consider giving it away and that's why it is important to have support available to those people in need. We only get one chance to live life so we might as well make the most of everyday! Enjoy life and take care of the ones who struggle."
CATHERINE BRITT (Singer/Songwriter).

Believe in yourself, always know that when things get really bad and hit rock bottom there's no place left to go but back up. Say to yourself every day, I am a winner, I am a winner, I am a Winner! and someday you will start to believe it. Ain't Love A Wonderful Thing
Gayle Ackroyd

People say they understand what you're going through. They say they know how you feel and that there are so many reasons for you to hold on. But the truth is that they don't. No on can feel what you feel. No one can truly grasp the weight of your pain and the hurt that you experience when depression and suicidal thoughts enter into your life. So all consuming is the chance to just end it all, to be able to simply cease the constant struggle that is your day-to-day existence that it becomes an almost comforting idea. To feel no more pain, no more confusion, no more life to contend with. No more struggle.

They tell you that there is hope, yet you feel none. They tell you that the world is so beautiful and worth staying alive to partake in, yet you see none of it. They tell you that despite what you feel now things will improve, yet you cannot find hope.

In this darkness, those who want to help you seek to instil a single glimmer of light. A single spark that may ignite further and grow into a raging fire, burning with a passion for life. They see your struggle and most importantly, they see you as you cannot see yourself.

Every single creature upon this earth is in its own way is utterly unique. The way in which you experience and interact with your life is unique. And regardless of who you are and where you come from, your uniqueness is your gift to the rest of humanity.
You may feel that you offer nothing to those around you but the truth is that without you being here, just being alive, the world is lessened.

The lives of the people around you are lessened. Despite the emotional darkness that envelops you, you as a human being are the very essence of potential. An infinite wellspring of creativity and beauty.
The beginning is to try to see yourself as you are and not to compare yourself with the accomplishments of others.

Because as seemingly successful, beautiful and skilled someone may appear, they can never posses the uniqueness that is you and thus can never create what you create. They can never succeed as you can succeed.

Some peoples accomplishments may appear large, some may appear small, but to compare them is a futile gesture. For all successes are great in the eyes of those who achieve them. One may climb to the summit of the tallest mountain yet who could deny the fist step of overcoming mental illness as anything less? In fact to my mind, mighty Everest is but a veritable anthill in comparison to the soaring peaks of inner realisation.

So with this said I wish you well, I wish you hope, love and happiness. But above all I wish you life. Difficult at times there is no denying, but you are here to experience it and there is nothing more precious than that. Death finds us all in the end, do not rush to greet it. Find the reasons to be alive, no matter what they are, and cling to them. Fight with all you have for all you could gain, live to find out who you are and who you could be.
Best wishes D.
Descendants of Cain

“The German artist Gerhard Richter said that ‘nature, in all its forms, is always against us because it knows no meaning,’ and that ‘every beauty that we see in landscape, every enchanting color effect, every tranquil scene...’ is a projection. But I also believe that for this same reason, we absolutely must pursue ‘every beauty’ wherever it can be found. Because, as Richter admits, ‘we are still capable of producing a spark of hope which we can also call love’ whenever we see something beautiful.”
Find something beautiful to look at today even if just for a moment. It will light a spark in you.
Rennie Sparks, The Handsome Family

" One Kiss, one Love to open wide the door… "
My Story (by New Risen)

I grew up in a middle-class family, but after my parents got divorced when I was 10, things started to go wrong with me. And years after years, I felt alone, misunderstood, changing my mood from one day to another, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, often sad. Later I went into various drugs and alcohol, having sex with everyone just to find this little tenderness I was looking for. But I never found it (or never saw it) and of course, I wanted to commit suicide many times…
BUT, I had one thing for me, it was my dreams ! And yes I was happy with my dreams, it was my private garden. So one day I said to myself " STOP ! I'm not mad, I want to live my dreams, I don't want to care anymore about all these people who don't understand me, let's change my life ! ". And I did.

By chance, I found a job in another city, so everything was new for me. So I concentrated my mind on my new job, my new flat, and soon I met new people. Fresh air ! I think it's all we need sometimes to make things go better, just get fresh air and let the past behind ! Then I started to feel great again and at last, I met that special one...

"If you are still searching for the flame If you're ever looking for some warmth I could give you more than fear and pain Here you will be welcome to my wisdom… One Kiss, one Love to open wide the door…"

('Private Cell' - New Risen) I hope I'll have the chance to play in Australia one day and meet all of you at Suicide Awareness.Inc. Enjoy my songs, they are the reflection of my life, of my dreams, of my hopes, in a romantic way. Believe in your dreams !
All my love, New Risen.

"Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they, therefore do not worry about tomorrow."
another thing I always say to myself is this:

"aim at nothing thats what i'll hit"
Steve Graham

Life is hard sometimes - really hard. So hard it seems that you cannot go on another day. Sometimes there aren't any easy answers but talking with a friend, brother, sister, parent, auntie, uncle, boss, neighbour, counsellor - whoever you can talk to - is enough to share the pain and share the load. I truly believe there are always options and answers even when it seems there are none. Under stress, the brain can do some crazy things to us but our hearts often tell a different story.
I love my life and every day I feel lucky to be alive. I have personally experienced depression and through therapy I learned learn to share my heart and soul with the people around me because they are the ones who will catch me when I fall. Even our dearest friends can not always tell how we feel unless we share it with them. My message to anyone who reads this is simple - realise you are not alone and start sharing your true self with the people in your life right now. There is no need to feel embrassed about being in pain. There is no shame is asking for help and more often than not, people are ready and willing to be there for you if you let them. We are all part of a greater community of spirit and we all have a part to play, no matter how small. Life is a blessed gift that we have all been given. Understand that you are part of a bigger picture, have faith in your place in the world and hang on long enough for your path to be revealed.
Katie Underwood

We all have a special gift to give, Our very own piece to the puzzle. It Cannot be completed without you, all of us have at some time lost sight of this. But even despair brings its gifts, it offers strength. Find your gift this is what you are here for. To find it and to share it.You Count. You are needed more than you yet know Trust Trust… and most of all be gentle on yourself. Please support this important and worthwhile cause.. Let us help each other to help each other……
Bronnie Ware
" I grew up in an area of SE Qld where the youth suicide rate was unusually high, and during my years at High School there were a number of suicides amongst my peers. The hardest thing to observe was not so much the immediate grief of friends and family but the burden of questions, guilt and sadness these people were forced to bear for the rest of their lives. We all find ourselves scared, hurt and frustrated in our lives at various points. Don't let your legacy be that of pain and suffering and wasted potential, let your legacy be that of wisdom, laughter, passion and open love for those closest to you...for once you are gone your legacy will be all that's left." Asa Broomhall
"Don't compare yourself to others,
because of all the billions of people on this planet,
there is only one YOU. Everyone is unique, and no-one else
can live your life. When you feel down, try to remind
yourself of how special you really are".
Michael Fix

I believe life is what you make it, if there’s something not right in your life; it’s up to you to make a change. Your destiny is in your control. Aim high and if you want something bad enough you will get it. “Determination and persistence is the key to success”. If you’re feeling down on a regular basis, and your bad days turn into bad weeks and months, then talk to someone, let it all out, you’re not alone!

Kelly Hope

Life is kinder than our own minds... there was a time when I didn't want to wake up the next day I was so down... I had split up with my partner and my teenage daughter left home all in the same week !... I was in grief and shock... I was no longer a wife or a mother... I didn't know who I was...after some weeks of constant crying..  I went to the doctor... I couldn't stop crying and said give me some pills  to make me feel better ... she said she wouldn't as they were 
addictive ... she said I should make a plan for myself ... I went home and went to sleep and the next day decided to take up flamenco  guitar! It was the hardest thing I ever did but I loved the  lessons ... they gave me a challenge and made me forget my misery and  slowly slowly my life came back to me.  The beauty and passion of  the music healed me ..... I also started exercising...I have been 
doing Tai Chi and Chi Gung which really moved my energy... My desire to live and celebrate life came back to me and now  I am remarried and have reconnected with my daughter and I feel like a different  person...

The thing is everything changes... even a mad state of mind that feels so solid changes....I feel blessed...  sadly I have had  some friends who have committed suicide since and I just wish they could have realised that things do change... and they made a fatal decision at a low moment....  and life is a miracle and changes andrefreshes itself all the time... forgiveness is a big part of it all if you find yourself in this black space just remember you aren't the only one thats been here ... there are many of us and talk to someone...get some help ... there's no shame in it...I have a song called "Wolf" and it's about that very thing .You think you're so alone until you talk to goes...  "Wolf out in the rain ,come round this gypsy fire ,Love will heal your pain, sit here by the survivors"... welcome! Kavisha Mazzella


“We all learn something new every day and we never know what we might learn tomorrow. We are each of us unique but you can bet that you are not alone. There is always someone who will understand how you feel and there is always, always tomorrow and more that we can learn about ourselves and about the wonder of the world.”
Judy Small (Australia)

'We all fall down sometimes, but we get up again, love and truth and spirit refuse,they won't give in, and its a long road to freedom but how sweet it will be, when you walk away from a lack of love, that kind of cruelty, when your'e just holding on -----hold on" Marcia Howard
I appeal to anyone considering suicide to please think twice. The mystery of life is far beyond our comprehension. There are people willing to help even though it may seem hopeless. Seek someone out, don't leave people suffering because you want to end your suffering. To me it would take great courage to end my life, so please turn that courage around to save your life and try to find the love that will lift the veil of darkness.
The Old Spice Boys



 "The past is gone, the future is yet to come.  This moment is a gift, that is why it is called the present." Deepak Chopra

These words have often helped me.
 Paul Rodgers.
Paul Rodgers' passion is writing and performing music.  He founded and led 3 bands, Free, Bad Company and The Firm, to worldwide success.  He has sold over 90 million records during his 39 year career and released 30 CD's.  He is one of the most sought after and respected vocalists and song writers in rock music.  Recently hitting #1 on the Nielsen Soundscan charts with his Gold Solo DVD "Live in Glasgow", Rodgers is currently writing and recording a new Queen + Paul Rodgers CD.
"Paul Rodgers has been, and still is by far, one of the finest talents of our musical genre." Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page 2007

I have experienced suicide and mental illness in my family and my close circle of friends.  From my own investigation through meditation and study I have come to understand that suicide is definitely not a way out. Some people think that by ending our current life all the problems and suffering associated with that life end also. This is not the case.

Our problems and suffering will follow us into our next life and the next and the next, because our subtle mind does not cease at the time of death, we carry  potentials or seeds within our mind which will ripen in future lives.

We think our problems are something other than our mind. We can understand that this is not true because we have seen people who seem to have seemingly perfect conditions for happiness, money, relationships, fame, yet still these people are not happy. We also see the opposite, people who seem to have not perfect conditions but are experiencing happiness. This proves that happiness is a state of mind and is not caused by external conditions.

The only way to solve our problems is to identify what they are, what is the cause of negative minds, and go about applying the opponents to those negative minds.

Suicide is a form of self cherishing, a mind that considers oneself as supremely important. Believing that I and my suffering is the most important thing. When we feel like this, we can contemplate the suffering of others, think about the endless suffering of other people who are experiencing awful conditions. We can contemplate animals and the kinds of suffering they experience, we can develop a mind that wishes to help those who are suffering and then give our time, effort and love. Giving is an opponent to self cherishing.

We can contemplate and meditate on this for ourselves with the help of people like Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the great meditator and teacher who wrote the book 'Transform your life' and 'Joyful path of good fortune'. He offers practical advice that I can say from my own experience has helped me.

Suicide perpetuates the cycle of suffering for the person who dies, their friends, family and ultimately all beings. May we all experience a world where not even the word suicide exists. Love Mel.
Mel Watson (Fruit).


'I only realised quite recently that absolutely everybody has times when they feel completely rejected, useless and unloved - and here I was thinking it was just me! What I've realised is, as bad as things can seem sometimes, there's always something great coming soon that makes it all worthwhile in the end. Talking about what's getting you down, getting it out somehow (singing at the top of your voice is a great way to let it out) really really makes a difference.
You're never alone!'

 Amanda Easton


Dianna Corcoran. Australian Country Music's Female Artist of the Year 2008

"Depression Leading to Suicide is a serious thing.
People who have depressed love ones need to take notice and
those who are sufferers need to seek help.
Life is worth living and will ALWAYS get better"

Having suffered from occasional bouts of depression throughout my life, I am certainly familiar with the suicidal thoughts that often accompany it. Though I have learned to work through these times without harm, unfortunately a few of my friends did not. Realizing that in these cases I had been pretty much ineffectual at helping them fight their demons, launched me on a personal quest to study my own thinking and emotional processes. I wanted to know and to understand what was going on in my head and why, but also exactly what process led up to it, initiated it, sustained it and made the attempts of others to help me, all but pointless. What worked for me was the stunning realization of two simple truths. First and most important is the proven fact that: EMOTION FOLLOWS THOUGHT, not the other way around. When I told someone I couldn't help my feelings I was wrong. I obviously had chosen my feelings through indulgence in self-deprecating thought.
Yes, I know most do not want to hear that, I certainly didn't, but once it is understood and accepted we can no longer blame others or outside past or present situations for our personal feelings. WE are the only ones truly responsible. This may at first seem harsh but I would argue that it's ultimately liberating because once one realizes this simple fact one is back in control of one's own thoughts and emotions and must face the truth of no matter what path we choose it is ultimately our decision. The second simple truth is that NOTHING IS EVER STATIC. Life is by it's very nature a dynamic changing thing and though bad times are unavoidable, there are uncountable wonderful ones right over the next rise. How do I know this? I am one of the curious ones who learned to question what that negative thought in my head was trying to convince me and it's made all the difference in the world. ~ Bill  (ANUBIS SPIRE)