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Artists from around the world have joined together with inspiring quotes.Helping those who are suffering Depression or a mental Illness to pick up the phone or talk to someone and ask for help.
If you are interested in adding a quote please email us.

“It is so important to realise that every person goes through bad times. Whether it’s financial troubles, a broken heart, a failure at work, physical pain, mental pain or it just feels like life has got you beat – you are not alone. The worst, and most common thing that you hear friends and family say about someone who has taken their own life is “We had no idea anything was wrong”.

If you feel like it’s all too hard, and ending it seems like the only option, TELL SOMEONE... ANYONE. Things can get bad in life, but they do get better, and a lot of the time it’s because there are people who are here to help. If you’re having trouble coping, get in touch with Suicide Awareness, they can help you.”
Dick Johnson Racing

"I would urge people to support this and people who have been affected by someone taking their own life. Many years ago I had a long term girlfriend whose Dad remarried as his wife had died, his new wife had a daughter around 25 years old and together with her husband they had a child.

I have a clear memory of that small baby at about 6 months and remember it's cute face quite well and how proud the parents were. About a year after the child was born the whole family moved to Australia where they settled down.

About 2 years ago I met up with that old girlfriend who asked if I remembered the small baby from about 20 years ago, she told me the child had grown up and taken his own life, it struck me quite hard because my only memory was of this small baby's happy face.The depth of pain that this must have caused the parents is unimaginable, and a whole strange world of unreality would now open up to them forever.

My mum always says to me now when things are at their utmost worst in your life, you are probably on the verge of a great breakthrough, it seems to be true. I got extremely depressed when I got divorced and didn't really care about my life anymore, but I was on the verge of a great new era that came along, and the things that were good in my life like, music and my general interest in stuff like psychology, philosophy, surfing and dirt biking became much stronger after I emerged from the 'swamp'.

I hope anyone who reads this who is feeling bad about their life, please think, you may be on the verge of a great new breakthrough!"
Nick Barrett "Pendragon" UK


"Every life, every person is here to change the world. How we do it depends on us and the chances we are given. If we are not given the chances we must make them ourselves."

Don Bridges


I have a gratitude rock (just a random rock I found on the ground) and I keep it in my car near the hand brake. Everytime I get into my car I hold it tight and say aloud at least 5 things I am grateful for. Most days include my dog Spritey who is 15 now.
It changes my whole mood by reminding me of the good in my life. When you come from a place of gratitude you feel rich. You never know who's life you are touching or inspiring. Reaching out for help and pulling through could encourage someone else to do the same and save a life. Everyone has a special something to contribute into the world.
Some just take longer than others to find out what it is. I hope you continue to find yours.

;-) Yolanda Thomas


“ Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over…. it became a butterfly” anonymous.
This is my favourite quote for many reasons, it always reminds me:

  • You never know what is around the corner
  • Every low is followed by a high
  • Lows are important lessons that help us grow
  • I need to ask myself “What is the lesson or the higher good, I need to learn from these feelings or this experience to become the free like the butterfly?”
  • Love who and what I am this frees my spirit
  • Simplicity of living is TRUE HAPPINESS
  • To Reach out….you are never alone.
  • Be Curious about what’s ahead for you, it keeps you going
There are many moments in our lives when we feel we have hit the end of the road. This happens to every human being in many different ways….YOU ARE NOT ALONE
Eliana Isis Dona

Anyone who has grown up with gay, lesbian, bi or transgender feelings knows the pain of rejection and hopelessness in the face of seemingly impossible dreams. The thing I tell trans youth again and again is this:

Transition is never easy, it's never perfect, it's never over. But it will get easier, it will get better and it will stop mattering so much as you move forward into a new life as your true self. It can be done, and you can come out the other side a happier person with a positive, fulfilling life.

Thank you, and take care! Calpernia Addams


Time is a great healer. Circumstances, problems, situations that may now seem insurmountable, will, in time, change, or will at least become bearable.
Get help. Talk to people. Hang in there till the storm passes.
It would be a tragedy to destroy your life, and the lives of all those who are close to you, for something that, in a while, may seem much less significant.
It's a long road that has no turning, and before you know it, you will be ever so grateful that you reached out for help when you did.

Kind regards Kevin Johnson


hey my little friend,
it is all up to you to break down the group-pressure, which is forcing you

life is a raw war that you have to fight
but I believe in you because you're one of a kind

saying no to them is the power that's in you
the strength that I respect, the force that hides in you

life is a raw war that you have to fight
but I believe in you because you're one of a kind

the pressure that you fight, yes, those arseholes with their might
you can resist them all, yes, you can bring them down.
JAN AG Agathocles


"I have known both depression and isolation during my life living in regional Australia. Things can get tough on the land and life can look pretty bleak at times. Thankfully, however, I have learned two very important things over the years.

One is that each and every one of us is special. Remember this; there is only one person on earth that looks, talks, walks and thinks like you. And you are very special - just the way you are. But that doesn't mean that life is always easy.

The other thing that I have learned is that there are always people who care. There are many very valuable resources out there and people who can help when you are feeling isolated - and they are only a phone call away.

Please, always reach out when you are feeling down. And remember, you are special and you have a reason and a purpose for being here."




No matter what, it's always darkest before the dawn.  Everyone goes through hard times but not everyone gets to say they lived through it - only those who make the choice to do so.  Pain is temporary.  Nothing that's ever worth doing is easy.  What's worth doing is life.  In the end you get to say that despite all the difficulties, you did it.  Life is just a bowl of cherries, you just got to swallow the pits.  Okay, all this positivity has exhausted me, I have to go lie down now."

- Lewis Black
"If we didn't have some low times how would we be  able to tell when the high times come?
And they will come eventually, good things take time, but they are worth the wait. So keep your chin up. And talk to Somebody, there's always someone who will listen".

Lulu McClatchy, AKA SuperGirly.

'A long time ago someone gave me a poster that simply said "Friends are
God's life preservers".  In the years since then I have come to know the
incredible importance of that simple statement, both in having, and being a
friend.  There have been times when they my life has literally been
preserved because of that connection with another person who in some way
understood what I was going through, who walked with my in my shoes.

My prayer for everyone is that they will find a friend when they need one -
sometimes it may even be on the other end of the suicide help line.   

Merelyn Carter of Carter & Carter

I recently wrote and recorded a song about hitting rock bottom and not knowing where to go or what to do. In part, it went like this:

"When your dreams don't come true
It's death but not the end,
The powerful play goes on
And broken hearts mend.
But where you find the strength
Sometimes a prayer just won't do...
Where do you go and what do you do
When you've given it your best shot
And your dreams don't come true."

There are many answers to that question and one of the best is to start right here at the Suicide Awareness web site. They might not have all the answers to all your questions but you will find that you are not alone, and there are people who do care whether you live or die. They are waiting right here for your call.
Many thanks. Paul Buckberry

“Above all else, talk to someone about how you are feeling. I have suffered anxiety all my life, and still do, and I have been depressed at times. Depression is not a sentence; you can live a normal life. Don’t be so hard on yourself, live up to your own expectations, not someone else’s. Don’t worry about the past or the future, live in the now. Set yourself small goals to achieve and build upon those.

If you fail at something, and I have many times over, try again. Failure is not to try at all. Don’t allow negative thoughts to take control…just say ‘STOP’ to those thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Always busy yourself and help those less fortunate than yourself, you will be surprised how this brings situations into perspective, and you will feel good about yourself. Stay connected to the community you live in. These are processes that have helped me. I wish you peace of mind and success in everything you aspire to achieve in…you can achieve, and you can overcome any adversity”. Peace. George (of the Dirt Settlers)


I've experienced depression on a number of occasions plus the horrible feeling of paranoia that usually arrives with it. I feel that I'm useless and nobody likes me. The Black Dog creeps up on me after pushing myself to the extreme (n terms of work) or leaving my family & friends in Scotland to come back to Australia. After a couple of weeks it usually subsides and this is just due to receiving a few phone calls reminding me that I'm needed in the world. A kiss and a hug from my daughter can do the trick too.

The BordererS have written a song about depression called "There is Hope". We performed it and presented it to Jeff Kennett at a Beyond Blue function in Warrnambool.

Here are the words: THERE IS HOPE!
I woke up this morning with a dark cloud around my head
I didn't want to face the world, it's a feeling I often get
Just want to be normal
Just want to be peaceful but fear keeps me in bed
But Oh, I know this frozen self pity will eventually just melt. ( Everybody sing )

Na, na, na, na - There is hope
Na, na, na, na - There is hope, hope for us all
Na, na, na, na - There is hope.

I'll keep it simple. Say a prayer of peace
I feel serene and let things go for today at least
Believing life get's better
One day at a time
Progress not perfection, keeps my hope alive

Na, na, na, na - There is hope
Na,...................There is hope, hope for the world
Na,................... There is hope

As I rise up from the darkness
I know there'll be blue skies again
I'm viewing the world in a good light I'm losing,
I'm losing the fear inside


There's always a light at the end of the tunnell. It's just that you can't see it sometimes. Please seek help from your doctor or visit this website. Life is God's gift. The devil doesn't want you happy. He want's you drunk, drugged or dead.

Jim Paterson - The BordererS

When you get in that place where you feel like you just can't go on, reach out for help. There are people who care, and who want to help you realize that there really is hope. You will find the strength deep inside yourself... you have what it takes not only to survive, but to shine in your own way. Life holds more than you can know. There's a brand new day waiting for you. You have the heart to do it! Stan Bush

At various times of the day I ask myself, "Where is my focus?" In other words, "What am I focusing on now...does it serve me?" That has stemmed from: "Where am I? What's my focus? Where do I want to be?" I have family that suffers from full-blown schizophrenia so I have first-hand experience about severe depression. I see my family member's focus always goes back to the negative. It's the overiding influence of his life. He was always that way. For years it was undetected, undiagnosed and was allowed to degenerate into the condition that it is now and he may never come out of it because there are people around him who treat the symptom and not the source. That's where THEIR focus is. See how important YOUR focus is. I have seen some extremely helpful suggestions on these pages: 'gratitude stones', inspirational music, physical movement and other great tips.
They're all designed to get you through the crap. I meditate every day and it works for me, really works. Investigate 'theta' and 'beta' metronomes...they're an Australian electronic invention that slows the brainwaves to calm states. Stop your negative self-talk and turn it around to celebration of life Turn off the media and tune into what makes you happy. Surround yourself with comedy. Oh yeah, I know a thing or two about laughter...the most precious commodity there is. All of these things help you get FOCUSED. Remember you're not alone, ask for help, we're all in this together. I sincerely hope this helps you. Cheers, Danny McMaster."







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