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The Distance
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Adam Bloom
Artists from around the world have joined together with inspiring quotes.Helping those who are suffering Depression or a mental Illness to pick up the phone or talk to someone and ask for help.
If you are interested in adding a quote please email us.

A Bloke... T.Cassar-Daley

I am a Bloke I grew up strong with good strong men around me
My pop, my Father Uncles too their memories still surround me.
A Bloke grows up with a weight on his shoulders
From very early on, he is told "don't cry" "or be a sook"
To cry would just be wrong.

As a Bloke I had a dream to one day be a Dad
And to share the unconditional love my Nan and Pop once had
Now for a Bloke times have changed some for good and some for bad
We now have time to rare our kids that our fathers never had.

Feelings yes! Feelings! was something seldom heard
A bloke could not imagine even uttering the word,
If we had a problem or something on our mind
We'd keep it to ourselves; it'll go away in time.

Sometimes a Bloke finds himself at a crossroads all alone
Carrying the burdens, like a cancer that has grown
It's taken all the good that he's had to give and given him the choices
To die ? or to live?

So from one Bloke to another I say this Man to Man
There are people who love you and will always understand
Your life is precious and we all need you here
So talk old mate just talk, you have nothing left to fear.

"Gidday everyone, my name is Alan Fletcher.
You may know me better as Dr Karl Kennedy from Neighbours.
However, many people here and in the UK also know me as
the lead singer of the band Waiting Room.
I have first hand experience of mental illness and I am only too aware of the crushing effect it can have upon the sufferer but also their loved ones
Please dig deep to support the establishment of a safe house in Griffith.
Cheers, Fletch."

With every single morning you wake up, comes opportunity. Don't ever let the chance to grow, change, learn and love slip through your fingers......Everyone is worth something to someone else.

Gemma Doyle

"The funny thing about shit is that good things tend to grow out of it. Life is a Beautiful, Wonderful, Scary, Uncertain ride but you just never know if the best bit is right around the corner."
Harley Smith

Steve Romig

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I have several phrases I use when things feel really grim.

When the world seems really unfair to you, see what you can do FOR OTHERS to change that.

  • You are loved, and you probably have no idea who by.
  • Donít be perfect. No one is.
  • Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  • Tomorrow the sun will rise again.Have the grace to see it.

These work for me. While you stay within the little, immediate problems
that surround you, you may want to die. But if you pull back, and think big
picture, then the incredible miracle of being born in the first place, the incredible unlikeliness of being given this chance of life becomes overwhelming. It is very
difficult then to spit in the eye of fate and throw it away. Clasp it to your bosom
and do with it what you can. In a sense life has no meaning except what you give it. Give it love. Give it hope. If you canít take anymore Ė try giving."



"Depression seems to be a growing problem in society, although I canít help but think it has always been present and we just didnít have a name for it. It is so good that we are finally able to talk about it without shame or judgement. Itís an illness that we must be aware of and treat, like any other. We all go through times of depression at some point in our lives, set off by loss of a loved one, a child, a marriage, a job, or just a run of bad luck but somehow most of us are able to eventually find our way through the grief and recover well enough to carry on.

For those who canít find a reason to keep livingÖ.talk to someone about how bad youíre feeling, you ARE worth it and people DO care. With my limited knowledge of depression it seems most people suffer from a deep belief that they are unlovable and there is no hope. Well, you are and there is. Believe this even if you are convinced otherwise. Open up, you could be looking back in a years time and be glad you did."

Melinda Schneider

"We live in a world that has many solutions for Physical pain, but emotional pain can be silent and hidden. It can be far more damaging to the individual, and can tear lives apart. Life is loaded with challenges, it is how we deal with them that matters...not to anyone else, but to ourselves. I have lost a couple of friends to suicide, and I think the saddest part apart is that in both cases, if only they had made it through one more day, they would have seen their problems in another light, on another day when they were maybe feeling stronger. When hope seems hard to find, try to reach out and talk to someone, anyone, and if you can't do that, then try to direct that negative energy into something positive, set yourself small goals each day and you will be surprised how those small achievements will help you slowly start to feel better about yourself. - Stay safe X" ~ Marisa Yeaman.

"In the depths of winter....
I finally learned that there lay in me,
an unconquerable summer." - Camus


Life's a bitch sometimes no matter how young or old you are . Just is . I'm 53 and from the outside it may look like my world is all rosy but we all have dark days where the black dog bites hard.

But I've also found that life is like a rollercoaster and just as surely as the ride can take you down if you hold on for another minute or two it will take you back up again .
Over the years I've had the downs but knowing the ups are going come around has kept me pushing through the shit days. When you're younger you aren't sure that the downs are not all there is but this old fart has been around enough to be able to promise you that sunshine will follow the shit as surely as day follows night Hold on . Holden.

Hey!! - I'm talkin to you - It's your duty to serve your natural time here on this planet, don't mess up your spirit destiny, I know it can seem meaningless with no positive direction in sight - BUT! - Hang in there - stick around - This is YOUR Special Journey - doors will open and the mystery will unfold in time -
Suicide? - Narr - why jump the gun - Hey! you're gonna die anyway!!
Kevin Borich.

"Life can suck. There are times when you will feel tested beyond your limits. I believe that even in your darkest hour there's a part of you that knows all things shall pass - even this. So hold on. Shit happens but so does happiness - eventually. It's inevitable."


"Australia's kids of today are our future for tomorrow, lets give them every chance to shine by supporting the Safe House initiative "

Tania Kernaghan.


What I hate about depression is that its such a cruel trick. An illusion. The victim is seldom more than a few steps away from joy - but just cant see it from their perspective. The only real advice someone on the outside can give is that your are not alone.

You are not the first, the only one now, or the last person who will have to deal with this. Just acknowledge it, keep your friends close and keep looking WAY into your long term future. People have, do and will continue to beat this.


Suicide is a very real thing - not many people want to talk about it.
It's my belief that if we talked about it more and brought more awareness, people might
not feel so helpless and alone. I've been lucky to have a passion in my life from the start.
Having this has helped me in so many ways. Sometimes you have to look beyond jobs or the curriculum to find a passion but it can really help when depression seems larger than life itself. Suicide here and in other countries is on the rise and as the world seems to revolve at a quickening pace, its up to us to be aware of those around us and reach out all we can.
Mark Lizotte (aka Diesel)


"For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16.

We ARE loved. God promises this and will NEVER leave our side. We can see him in the wind, rain, and the deep blue of the sky. I know the feeling of loneliness and emptiness. And as a believer in Christ I push hard to get past the attacks of Satan. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. He has given us the gift to use His name as a weapon, to rebuke those evil thoughts of depression and suicide. It's hard, but remember that we are not alone in this. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Jonathan Balas


ďAbsolutely everyone gets down from time to time, and some people have more troubles than others. It's important that if you are feeling very low that you talk to people about it, and ask for some help. No one should be ashamed just because they don't feel so happy and no matter how bad things are, you can always work them out.Ē

Ana Ivanovic

The hardest thing to do when you are feeling down is to reach out and tell someone. When people get depressed they hold all their thoughts, fears and emotions inside, and find it hard to open up and communicate in a normal way. That's why the Griffith 'safe house' is a fantastic cause. It's places like these that will give mentally ill people a place for support and care. Mental Illlness and suicide in Australia isn't something that can be ignored! Life is worth living, sometimes it's just a matter of taking small steps before you can be up and running again.
The Distance

Peace of mind comes from concentrating on what you have, not whatís missing.
So those who have a cool head, will always have clear thoughts.

Salvatore Coco


Life has so many ups and downs and when I'm experiencing a down, I remind myself that an up must be around the corner. The longer we wait, the better it feels when it comes.

As I get older, the downs get easier and the ups get better There are a million reasons to live, which means we've all got so many more wonderful things to discover.
Adam Bloom.





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