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Artists from around the world have joined together with inspiring quotes.Helping those who are suffering Depression or a mental Illness to pick up the phone or talk to someone and ask for help.
If you are interested in adding a quote please email us.

Life is a precious gift with many wonderful opportunities for us to engage. To recognize the wonder of life we first have to know what we think life is. For me it's my participation in the ebb and flow of opportunity and adversity. For some of us the low part of the wave seems to stay low for a very long time. The longer we stay down swimming against a hard current, the more tired we feel.

Understandably we feel like giving up. I really get it. When my business was destroyed by an arsonist, I was left questioning why me?

What if it happens again. How can I rebuild all of this again on my own. Well, I didn't!!!? I had the help from my family, my dance pupils, friends at channel seven and many other well wishers to give me the strength to carry on. My loss is so insignificant when compared to others feelings of loss and the real pain you may be feeling.

But I get it in a small way and I beg you to hold out your hand and let your friends help you. Just talk to someone. If you're too embarrassed to talk with someone, just email them to get started. Just remember you're not swimming alone. When the waves get too big and you just can't go on. Just reach out and keep reaching out until someone takes notice. You along with all of us deserve to experience life.

You are a great gift and like me, a small but important part of society. So, stay with us and live.
God Bless, Mark Wilson.

Mike Cowdroy
28/8/1970- 6/10/2003
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Mick was a very good friend
and a great supporter of our group & we miss him heaps.
I know he would be proud to be on our site his music was his life.

Believe in Yourself, set your goals,
then go for them.

Michael's outstanding quality was the passion with which he pursued his love of country music. Tragically he was involved in a car accident, but even in death his loving spirit spread to help six others through organ and tissue donation. His friends and family supported us and him each day. The other person who gave us strength was one of the recipients who sent us a letter of gratitude. It gave us tremendous peace of mind hearing from someone doing so well. Michael's spirit lives on as the Mike Cowdroy Trust fund which sends rural ICU nurses to medical conferences and the annual Michael Cowdroy TIARA - Song Writing Award.
Annie and Peter Cowdroy - Michael's Parents.

"There is so much trouble in the world today ... But there is no worse trouble than that of a troubled mind ... A mind that thinks there is no-where to go, no-one who cares, no-one to hug, no-one to cry with.
The unfortunate thing is that if a troubled mind stops and thinks for that one more moment before taking that final action, everything can and will be turned around.
There is always someone who can assist.
There is always someone there.
There is always a shoulder to cry on.
There is always an understanding heart waiting for that cry for help.

Taking the seemingly quick and easy way out ... Is not the answer. It hurts too many loved one's. Let us all help each other".
Jade Hurley OAM


"The great thing about music is that it gives us the feeling that we are not alone, that there are people out there who have felt the way we feel now, who can relate to our situation and not be judgemental. Those kind of people can also be found at suicide awareness, so get in touch and talk to them - even if its just about that special song".
Billy Bragg

photo by WOMBAT

"Life is so important to me because I know so many family and friends who suffer from this mental illness and also depression. If you know of someone who suffers, you really need to reach out to them and lend a helping hand or just a shoulder to lean on. I know how this can really affect a person, because I have lost a close relative to this illness. You should never hold your feelings in if your are suffering from any kind of mental illness. If you can't talk to your family, talk to a friend, if you can't talk to your friends, talk to a complete stranger. There is always someone there."
Todd Williams

"When help is needed we must ask. The most precious gift in the world is a human life".
Wilf Montan

"We support the efforts of Suicide Awareness. Suicide has touched all our lives in some way. Resin Dogs is a group of individuals dedicated to embracing life and opportunity. We've worked hard to achieve many musical and personal dreams.
It hasn't always been easy, and we've struggled with all sorts of personal and professional demons. Staying positive and accepting the love and support of friends and family has brought us to where we are. Reaching out will help the struggle toward a better time."
Resin Dogs

"My dad has battled with illness for many years and after watching him suffer depression and mood swings, I know that I too have become very susceptable to such a state of mind. My uncle committed suicide as a relatively young man and then more recently I lost another good friend, also in his 40's, far too young to die. The most important thing I realise now about this is that to know these two people you would not have had any idea that their problems ran so deep, neither myself or anyone else knew they were in such despair, the most common thing I say to myself is 'if I had only known'.

I realise now that we as friends and family need to be educated so much more in order to understand what drives people to such despair and know the outward signs so that we may be aware of the problems and try to break through and help them.

Life is so precious and yet so short, but for some I know it must be so hard. We have all got so much to give in our own special ways, we must not take these lives for granted.

Please know that there are people who want to help and absolutely nothing is that bad that we cannot come back from it and become stronger, even though we may need a little help to get through it, and  there is help out there."


"If life's door is slammed in your face, seek out a window. There is "ALWAYS" someone on the other side who cares what happens to you. Ask for help."
God Bless.
Sam Neely
22/08/1948 - 19/07/2006


Life is a wonderful thing, especially my life. I guess I tend to be partial, but I can honestly say that in my 30 years on this planet, I am at a point in my life where I am truly blessed, happy and fulfilled. I wake up every day knowing that I get paid to do something I love to do and that has been my passion for 15 years, and that is singing and performing songs for music lovers. The best part is when I sing my own songs and they love them and keep coming back for more. That is truly rewarding and makes all the years of hard work and struggle to get where I am, worth every mile.

Don't get me wrong, I have probably been through more hard times and struggles than anyone I know personally, and after seeing firsthand and experiencing the urge to want to end it all by taking a life, especially their own, I can say that is not the answer. Life is about trials and hardships. That's what makes us human and mortal beings, but going through that, can test you to the depths of your very soul. Life is all about choices, and the choices you make dictate where you end up and the outcome of your life, good or bad. No matter how bad my life has ever been or the trials or tests I have been through, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that I have never had a desire myself to want to end it all. I'm stronger than that and life is about being strong and having the courage to get back up when life knocks you down.

It makes you tough and it builds your character but more than that, it helps you better understand when someone else goes through that, and it gives you a tool to help them overcome. Life is about choices. I love my life and I love my fans, my friends, my family and God. I choose to live and to take life as it comes, the good and the bad. I thank God all the time that there has been more good than bad in my life and I hope that I will be here for a long time so I can share this gift of music with the rest of the world and maybe in some small way, help a few people along the way. That's what life is about to me and that's what keeps me going day in and day out. I choose life.
Greg Austin

“If I was Prime Minister I would sponsor a bus ride for every nine year old. The bus would take them into the center of Australia to Uluru National Park. Then a guide would walk them around the Rock and share the stories attached to the Dreamtime. All the way there the bus driver would point out the variety of nature and any stories (e.g. explorers, what’s farmed etc). Every night would be spent around the campfire with good Aussie songs. What has this got to do with Suicide Awareness? It is my belief that a relationship with the bush and all it’s wonders gives an Aussie a faithful friend. There is a spirituality out there that is very calming and it would create a new pride in being Australian and hopefully self-esteem.”
John Williamson

We are so lucky to be given a body, and all its senses, to experience this beautiful earth. We are all alive for such a short time compared to the age of the earth. In that time we will all, at different times, feel the same feelings whether it's the dark valleys of despair or the heights of happiness. We are not alone in what we feel or what we do. Like ripples in a pond, our behaviour touches everyone else. Thinking about ourselves too much causes unhappiness. Doing good things for others makes us feel better inside. Even at our most alone there is always someone who is concerned for our well-being.
Audrey Auld Mezera

Life is too precious to waste...find your passion and enjoy living it.
Topp Twins

No matter how dark it gets, no matter how long the road seems or how bleak the outlook appears, never be afraid to reach out and ask for help. As the song says, "No man is an island". It may just be a speck on the horizon, but the light at the end of the tunnel is always there, and all it needs is one person to help you see it.

Life can be amazing, it just takes time to see and experience it that way. We all have our dark moments, you're not alone. And believe me, it does get better. Don't be harsh on yourself, don't listen to those who tell you that you should "just get over it" - they don't understand.

Take small steps and eventually you'll be standing in bright sunlight. Give yourself time, be kind to yourself, don't judge yourself too harshly, take it one day at a time. Know that you're here on this planet for a reason, you are a unique person - no-one else is exactly like you - you are an original.

So give yourself the space to learn how to shine again and, eventually, you'll inspire others to shine as well. And never give up ... above all, Never Give Up!

Or, as Whoopi Goldberg so beautifully put it ... "Normal is just a cycle on a washing machine".

I hope that brought a smile to you and I wish you many more.
- Sally McLean, Actor/Writer


"I love this particular quote which I have never forgotten and always refer back to when I am either depressed or feeling like giving up:

'Not so much to continue
to ask the question:
What is the Meaning of Life?
But rather to LIVE one's life, so that it HAS meaning.'
Source Unknown."



"I have lived with depression for many years now.  Some days are harder than others.  I don't feel sad when I'm depressed, just really stuck.  I experience it as a great heaviness that makes it almost impossible for me to move.  Just to make a phone call, check the mail, go to the store or brush my teeth, seems beyond my ability at times. 

The two things that have helped me most are talking to people I trust and physical movement.  When the heaviness comes nowadays I push through and make myself move.  Go for a walk, do the dishes, mow the lawn, whatever....just keep the energy moving and things start to level out again.  Least it works for me!"

Cyndi Boste.


"Losing a friend to suicide, as I have, makes you realise how precious and fragile life is, and that we have to look out for one another in times of distress.

There is so much help available, friends, family and support groups such as the Suicide Awareness Group are there for you...all you have to do is ask, and we can all help share the burden.

Look after your mates, cause we all go through pain sometimes."

Amber Lawrence.


Having dealt with depression myself, I can promise you that things will get better, even if it seems like they won't. You are not alone. We're all in this life together, and together WE WILL survive. Reach out for help and you'll find it.

Sincerely, Arj Barker.


"We are playing music to bring smiles to our faces and to the faces of the people that are listening. When you simplify what brings you joy then having more happier moments in every day life is possible, this is important especially when life becomes challenging. Music is a simple pleasure either played or listened to, is a gift that we can all enjoy and an avenue to brighten up our day to day lives.

It is important that you reach out and ask for guidance when times seem tough. If you can just hang on and find other people that understand or who are going through the same experience, sharing will diffuse this challenging time for you. Talking helps and you'll be amazed at how great life will become after you make it through your challenging time. Reach out and through your sharing you'll probably help someone else too." ...... Dalbo from BROTHER




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