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Feeding those less fortunate,
who would otherwise go hungry.


JOINING forces to dish up meals this Friday night at the PCYC's new soup kitchen are Suicide Awareness president Val Rowe, youth program officer Senior Constable Mick Forster and volunteer Linda McKay-Naivunivuni.

GRIFFITH police have joined forces with a local support group to help combat a different kind of problem in the city.

The team at the PCYC and members of the Griffith Suicide Awareness Group witll dish up meals in a new soup kitchen this Friday. Youth program officer, Senior Constable Mick Forster, said the idea of the soup kitchen was to offer a meal and activities to young people in need.

"We are hoping to give meals to kids who might not get a meal at home for a number of reasons," he said. "We are also trying to engage the kids in activities besides just hanging around looking for trouble."

"It has the full support of the Local Area Command and we hope to see youth come along and take advantage of it."

Griffith Suicide Awareness president Val Rowe believes the soup kitchen is a necessary addition to Griffith.

"I feel it's something that's needed. A lot go hungry," she said. "It is a bigger problem than people realise. We will offer a good nutritious hot meal and give them the chance to take part in activities with other kids and possibly build self esteem."

Volunteer Linda McKay-Naivunivuni lost her son to suicide nine years ago and is eager to help. She will be on hand to help serve meals. "I'm keen to be involved because I know how kids can suffer. I just hurt for kids today," she said.

The soup kitchen will run for a trial period during the month of April each Friday night between 7pm and 8pm with activities to follow.

This Friday night will be a movie night.

Organisers welcome donations of food items which can be dropped at the PCYC.

Story by Tanya Pattison, The Area News, March 30, 2006.






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