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Monday 6th October 2008
Hi all at suicide awareness and especially all those discovering a long term survivor of mental illness, especially the suicide urges and attempts, I have TWO things to say...
1. THIS WEBSITE, I found today, by accident [maybe not, perhaps fate]...USE IT!
thank you to its creator & contributors for being there for me today!

2. PICK UP THE PHONE and call....ANYONE! before you pull the proverbial plug [or God forbid the trigger] BEFORE you swallow those pills, BEFORE you jump...LEAP towards the nearest phone and TALK, SPEAK, TELL, YELL...someone, WILL CARE and be able to HELP you ...without judging or shaming you...there IS NO SHAME in asking for help...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU WOULDN`T THINK TWICE if your chest was pounding, burning with the threat of death via HEART would PICK UP THE PHONE and ask for help....THIS IS NO DIFFERENT!!!!!! it`s just that our attack is one of the emotional HEART caused by a mind in turmoil, an UNWELL mind....thus the term MENTAL [mind] ILLNESS [unwell]`s OK and you won`t regret asking for help...because there are people out there EVEN STRANGERS, with HEARTS big enough to care & help us through the attack! Don`t give up!

I am still here and I`m so glad ...thanks to the people on the other end of the line who I`ve reached out to [you know who you are] and now I hope I have saved at least ONE other person from suicide by writing this today....maybe YOU will be the next person writing and saving someone elses life...remember y`all, by speaking out, whether it`s via your mouth to another imperfect human being face to face or via the telephone or an email, a text message, or written down on a scrap of paper...TELL someone! Get the help you ARE SO WORTHY OF. 

Stay safe, God Bless, Love and Laughter from TJP...I UNDERSTAND.

"Thank you very much for this. I chose this subject (Youth Suicide caused by Depression) for a report in my assignment I had no idea of how much I have learn't from your website, as a mother of four ranging in age from 14 years to 27 years I now know of signs to watch for and how to educate my children and their friends.

The website had so much information, stories and heartaches (I am so lucky). You can be proud that your website has helped one mother and student to open her eyes to a subject that noody seems to talk about, THANK YOU. REGARDS....................."


"I just want to thank the organisation for the support that you guys have given my daughter, we truly appreciate every bit of support and encouragement that you guys have shown...Well done and keep doing the fabulous job that you are doing within the community of GRIFFITH...


"I have just had a look at your website, I have to take my hat off to  everyone involved with Suicide Awareness.

I am a sufferer of Depression and have been for the past 10 years, I too wanted to end my life 6 months ago, thankfully I didn't , I seeked help, I went to a clinic and now I am back to my old self.

Everyday I thank god I am still here to enjoy life, my children, my husband, my life. I tell everyone that suffers from depression or Mental Illness hang in there it might take time, but you will get better.
Once again thank you Val Rowe, You are a saint!!!!!!!!
Regards ..............."



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