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What exactly is ForeverFree Coaching?
Coaching is defined as assisting a person to make positive changes in one or more areas of their life over a period of time. Coaches are like personal trainers for their client's personal and professional excellence.

ForeverFree uses questioning skills, listening and re-skilling techniques to help individuals build the knowledge and confidence to move forward in the direction they desire. Coaching is a collaborative partnership focusing on accomplishment of goals and unearthing negative belief systems. It also offers the possibility of trransforming a business since it can transform the people who drive the business. Coaches are not confined to a single track, and can take the most appropriate route to the desired destination. Coaching is individual, and provides the most flexible and tailored approach possible.

Who would benfit from Coaching?
Any individual, regardless of gender, age or background. ForeverFree caters for a plethora of people with diversified requirements.

ForeverFree is not a traditional counselling service. We provide a more holistic and intuitive based appoach to create a bigger picture that is forward looking and results driven. We don't necessarily engage in fixing behaviours or looking at past behaviour and the why's of them and therefore do not behave as true therapists. Anita Tresise, Accredited Personal Coach, says "Clients I have coached, who have previously received counselling or therapy often say coaching is more beneficial because it allows them the energy moving forward and not looking creates momentum, like a magnet and pulls them to create what they desire vs. feeling badly about themselves or their past experiences."

Our Goal
Our goal at ForeverFree is to create significant and lasting change through education, understanding and awareness. We strive to be the pathway that spans the gap between belief and knowing by inspiring confidence in an empowering, supportive and results driven environment.


Specialising in:

  • Personal 1-1 Coaching:
    Life Coaching
    Low Self Esteem
    Emotional wellbeing
    Youth Development
    Communication Skills
    Conflict Resolution
    Time Management
    Improving Morale
  • Executive Coaching for:
    Business Owners
  • Small Buisiness Mentoring
  • Personal Development
  • Seminars / Workshops
  • Individual / Group Mentoring
  • Speaker for venues and events Nationally


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