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Each year in Australia, thousands of people of all ages - believing there to be no hope, and that no one is listening - tragically take their own lives. Suicide Awareness is a not-for-profit organisation that helps those suffering depression or considering self-harm. Its goal is to raise awareness that it's OK to ask for help.

"Reach Out to Me", composed by award-winning guitarist Michael Fix and rising singer/songwriter Rose Carleo, is a message of hope – a message which clearly states that, no matter how alone and without hope you might feel, somewhere you will always find someone who has been there too.



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Send Cheque or Money Order to : 
Suicide Awareness.Com Inc
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Griffith  NSW  2680 Australia

All proceeds from the sale of this CD
go to Suicide Awareness.


"Reach Out To Me"

Now don’t you worry, ‘cause you’re not alone
I know it feels like, there’s no one home
I know you’re feeling, like there’s no way out
You can’t stop crying, filled with doubt

In times of darkness, when you’re in pain
Your search for meaning has been in vain
You get no answers from those you see
Just remember – you can fall on me

Reach out to me, I’ll take your hand
Reach out to me I’ll understand
Whenever you’re alone
Remember I’ll be by your side
I’ll take your hand, if you reach out to me

 Time is a healer, I know it’s true
‘Cause I’ve been there, and felt it too
When I was down, I reached for you
And I remember how you helped me through



Michael is a multi-award winning guitar virtuoso who tours internationally presenting an eclectic mix of original instrumentals and distinctive arrangements.

His influences are diverse, and his concerts he enhances his music with stories and humour. His repertoire, developed over 30 years, includes Jazz and Blues, Celtic and Australian Folk, Country, Classical and his own distinctive compositions, many of which have received international TV and radio exposure.

Michael's unique style – passionate, evocative, and highly original in its presentation - marks him as a performer not to be missed.



What makes Rose Carleo so special is, ironically, the fact that she’s just like everyone else. Well, apart from the fact that she has a rare ability to take those experiences we’ve all lived through, and turn them into remarkable songs with a universal appeal.

Then she opens her mouth and conveys the pain, the passion and the emotion of her songs in a way that touches everyone who hears them.

The 2007 release of Rose Carleo’s debut album ‘ Everything I Need’ produced by Brendan Radford, highlights her powerhouse vocals and opens our eyes to Rose Carleo the songwriter. A 2007 Toyota Star Maker finalist and winner of the Silver Medallion at the 2007 Queensland Gold Medallion Awards for best new talent, Rose has been described as one of the brightest new success stories in Australian Country Music.

Rose was a 2008 CMAA Golden Guitar finalist and won the TIARA for Vocal Collaboration of the Year with ‘Sometimes You Just Know’, with Drew McAlister, a song that also gave Rose her first top 10 hit on the country charts.

Pop, Rock, Country or Blues you name it, Rose Carleo can perform it. A combination of these styles contributes to the warm, colourful, romantic and distinctive tone that is the voice of Rose Carleo.