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If you have a comment please email us

If you would like to help out with a donation please send your cheque to: Suicide Awareness .Com Inc, 'Bricks for Life', PO Box 8039 , Griffith  NSW   2680.

Yes I think the "Bricks For Life" is a good thing for Griffith. Stop sitting back and throw your support.

K.T (Griffith) 8th April 2006

This facility should have been available in our city years ago. Please support this project, get behind Val and put some coins in the Buckets!!!!!!!!!!!

S.C (Griffith) 8th April 2006

Definitely, before more lives are lost. So support this great project it will help everyone in this region.

J.T(Griffith) 8th April 2006

I think a Mental Health Facility is needed in Griffith and it is a  jolly good idea. If we don't stand up now more lives are going to be lost. So stand tall and give Val your support.

T.K (Griffith) 6th April 2006

Young lives are being lost because we have no Mental Health facility or support available in our town, please help the young people of Griffith.

J.C (Griffith) 6th April 2006

Sooner the better, our town is in desperate need of this facility.

R.C (Griffith) 6th April 2006

Suicide affects every person sometime in their lives, even if you only know someone else who has been affected. We need to get behind this project to show we really do care!!!!!!!!!

V.G (Yenda) 28th March 2006

All the help that can be obtained for Mental Health has my support.

Pam Vagg  (Hillston) 24th March 2006

"Yes I do think it is a good idea, as there isn't enough Mental Health help in this area. Come on lets get behind it."

T.D (Griffith) 18th  March 2006.

"The health system and the Government should show more support and provide adequate health facilities for the general public. This safe house is so needed. So go Val."

M.S (Griffith) 18th March 2006.

"Having suffered depression myself, somewhere to go where we can feel safe & have our family by our side in our home town, is something that is needed so bad. So come on and lets get behind Val and show your support."

S.H (Griffith) 19th March 2006

"I support the safe house coming to Griffith."

G.C (Griffith) 19th March 2006

Suicide is an Australia wide problem, this is a facility to provide support at a local level. The committee is to be congratulated on their efforts in view of the apathy of governments at all levels across Australia. 

A.T (Queensland) 19th March 2006

 Mental Illness is one of the most debilitating afflications that affects many families in Australia. Governments have neglected this major problem for generations and with the avent of narcotic and hallucinatory  drugs including marijuana have had a devastating  effect on our modern society. It is a sad fact that this problem has been thrown back on the community at large and our elected governments, who are supposed to look after our health problems, have turned a blind eye and left it to a few honourable  people to carry the can. Keep up your honourable  effort Val.

J.M  (Griffith) 19th March 2006.

This facility is needed to accommodate  people with depression or other Mental Health disability when  the condition is in early stages. This can help prevent suicide or attempts, suitable help, intervention is also very important to try and  prevent suicide or depression, particularly where family difficulties due to marital problems exist. Families of depressed or suicidial people can't possibly be expected to cope alone with these situations. Many clients may also require this type of accommodation  when first released from more extensive care. Keep up the Good work in Griffith Val in trying to improve this situation for those suffering.

E.T (Brisbane) 19th March 2006.

This is great, not just for the community today but for the next generation. If in trying times in the country areas , we can get together to do this, why can't the government help support this as well.

K.N (Ardlethan) 20th March 2006.

I think it's great, and I am proud to be part of the building that one day will help all of us in one way or another. Join us to finish this project in record time. Keep up the great work Val & Team.

Nina Ryan (Griffith) 20th March 2006.

I think this is a wonderful idea, because it not only affects the Griffith community, it will help all our areas. Come on let's all pull together. 

J.L (Ardlethan) 20th March 2006.

I think it is a great idea and hopefully the whole town will get behind it. Here's hoping the Government will come on board and give financial assistance.

C.M (Griffith) 23rd March 2006









Suicide Awareness .com Inc

PO Box 8039, Griffith
NSW 2680, Australia