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If you would like to help out with a donation please send your cheque to: Suicide Awareness .Com Inc, 'Bricks for Life', PO Box 8039 , Griffith  NSW   2680

Meet the 8.9 million dollar girls

Pictured is Sandra with Val and Shirley leaping for joy.

Mental health campaigner, Val Rowe is jumping for joy with NSW Health Minister, Reba Meagher's announcement of an 8.9 million dollar 20-bed mental health unit be built in Griffith.

Val has been fighting for the past four years for funding for a facility in Griffith, meeting ministers at night, making phone calls in the morning and is ecstatic that there will soon be a unit here in Griffith.

"It's been a long hard trek and the hardest thing for people to admit is that they have a mental problem. They just don't want to talk about it," said Val.

Val and her team of supporters were determined to provoke action from the NSW Minister of Health and although the Bricks for Life was raising money for its own facility, Val says this money will be spent on furnishings and equipment for the unit.

Sandra Annetts suffers from depression and says that a unit is desperately needed here. It took Sandra 7 years to speak to anyone about her problems.

Shirley Astill, who also suffers from depression could not be happier with the news. She says that so many people have to travel to receive treatment and not having your family and friends to support you can be very lonely and can make you feel worse.

"Without my family and friends I wouldn't have made it. It will be great for Griffith to have its own facility," said Shirley.

Val agrees and says it will be a relief for many families in the area. Val believes having a mental health unit in Griffith will strengthen non profit organisations such as Griffith Suicide Awareness and will educate and up-date local GP's on mental health problems, referral and treatment.

The unit is expected to built in 2009.

Story by GO Real Estate Magazine, February 22 2008.



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PO Box 8039, Griffith
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