Star Rocks Griffith to sing praises of cause

Catching up with popular pianist, rocker Jade Hurley,
recently after the show at the Ex-servicemen's Club is Suicide Awareness
president Val Rowe. Hurley has thrown his support behind the group's website.

ONE of Australia's bestloved celebrities has teamed up with a local support group in an effort to help locals beat the blues this Christmas.

Jade Hurley, renowned as Australia's King of Country Rock music, was in Griffith recently when he performed to a packed house at the Ex-Servicemen's Club.

He is one of the celebrity sponsors on the Griffith Suicide Awareness website and while in the city, said he wanted to remind people suffering mental illness that help was available.

"The drought is absolutely affecting people. Sometimes people just need somewhere to turn before they take that last step," he said.

The popular pianist-rocker said the website was a wonderful starting point in a time of need. "It doesn't matter who you are or whether your problem is caused by the drought or just depression, I'd encourage them to use the website and contact the numbers for help," he said.

Suicide Awareness president Val Rowe said to have such a high profile celebrity support the website was fantastic. "I think a lot of people appreciate hearing advice from artists they look up to. He is a real asset to have behind us," she said.

Story by : Tanya Pattison, The Area News,
Friday 15th December 2006

Country Star joins GSA

COUNTRY music legend and Victorian Male Vocalist for 2007, Paul Costa is the latest star to lend his support to the Griffith Suicide Awareness website.
Griffith Suicide Awareness' Val Rowe approached Paul to write a small piece or pearl of wisdom to give people inspiration and hope. Paul was only too happy to help.
"I think it all revolves around following your dreams, following your heart and passions and trying to make your life as happy as you can," said Paul, "We all go through stages in our lives where we are not where we want to be, it's important to encourage people to follow their passion."
Paul admits he struggled a few years ago with his decision to go full time with his music career, since then he hasn't looked back. The clincher came as he watched 7/11 unfold on television. He said it made his brain click that 'we're here for a good time not a long time'.
"It's been six years full time now and it's been the best six years of my life, follow your passion," said Paul.
Val says she is ecstatic that Paul has come on board and said that the website is not just for people suffering depression or feeling suicidal, but for everyone to gain inspiration from. I'm really proud to get Paul on board, most people who are depressed listen to music, so it's good to have people on board like Paul."

The GO Magazine, August 2007.



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